Microsoft Licensing and Services Update August 2017

Some principle recent Microsoft updates, for August 2017

  • Secure Productive Enterprise (SPE) is re-launched as Microsoft365 E3 and E5
  • Microsoft365 customers up 6,000 to 52,000 with an licensed user base of 50M. Nortably, revenue up >100% for 13th consecutive quarter.
  • Microsoft are rebranding Office365 Plan K1 to F1
  • F1 features include – Video (view only), Skype (multi-party Attend only), Flow (consume, 750 runs), PowerApps (consume)
  • Staffhub available acros Office365 F1, E1, E3 and E5 Plans enables staff schedules
  • In 2020, Microsoft to mandate Office ProPlus C2R, or mainstream supported Office MSI Clients for Office365 Services
  • Notably, Office 2016 MSI will be out of “mainstream support” in October 2020.
  • Microsoft announce that virtualisation use rights available for Windows 10 Enterprise licences in CSP on 6th Sep 2017: .
  • Microsoft Stream for Office365 available in all commercial plans
  • An excellent article on restriction of user access to Office365 services
  • Azure AD group based license management
  • Managing Microsoft Office 365 Licenses – Using Groups
  • Groups drives Azure ADP w. Data Classification, Usage Guidelines, Group AD Writeback, Dynamic Groups, Expiry Policy – See the Azure AD Premium feature list for Office365 Groups
  • Advantages of Office365 Groups over Site Mailboxes
  • Effective July 1st the following Microsoft Dynamics 365, Enterprise edition offerings are being renamed:
    • Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations => Microsoft Dynamics 365 Unified Operations Plan
    • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Plan 1 => Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Plan
    • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Plan 2 => Microsoft Dynamics 365 Plan
  • An updated Microsoft Dynamics pricing page
  • Intune native support for deployment of Office365 ProPlus
  • SharePoint “Communication Sites” for Office365 begins rolling out
  • Restricted SharePoint sites now  termed “Isolated”
  • SQL Server 2017 first release candidate on Windows, Linux and Docker
  • Windows 10 service model updates, alligned with Office365 ProPlus
  • Windows 10 release a plethora of training resources
  • Microsoft continue to push Windows 10 Enterprise and service ecosystem security features to drive subscription licensing
  • Azure Stack becomes generally available, effective August 2017, pricing information
  • Microsoft release a file security whitepaper fo SharePoint and OneDrive
  • Microsoft365 Business aimed as SMBs offers relevant services like email marketing, invoicing, mileage tracking
  • Microsoft Cloud benefits from GDPR support
  • Microsoft advocate how EMS can support GDPR
  • EMS Suite is bolstered by Skycure acquisition – offers mobile anomaly detection, enables conditional access
  • A new Office 365 PowerBI pack answers if we are using what we have bought. With expanding suites, that’s a good question
  • Office365 use metering data is also available from Office Graph using PowerShell
  • Enterprise Agreement customers will soon be able to view their Azure subscription cost reports
  • Visio Online ‘view’ is available to all Office365 commercial subscription plans that include Office Online
  • Visio enables new charting capability in PowerBI. Notably, Create and Edit requires a Visio license. ‘View’ doesn’t.
  • A new Visual Studio 2017 Edition comparison table
  • Microsoft launched new ’16 Core’ license packs, in addition to the ‘2 Core’ packs for Windows Server and System Center in May 2017. The Product Terms were updated from May 2017

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