Microsoft Licensing and Services Update October 2016

I’m expecting to see a continued focus in 2017 on digital transformation, with SoftwareONE Advisory enabling our client’s to become a ‘digital ready business’. We are well positioned with our core competency as a License Design Authority (LDA) to provide tightly integrated work programmes aligning with client or our internal Technical Design Authority (TDA), supported by our core SAM expertise, and digital platforms like PyraCloud, to deliver an optimised digital transformation programme for our clients.

Licensing is increasingly impacting technology choices in the enterprise Architecture Development Method, with a common complaint from our clients that their TDA are not supporting optimisation in software spend, or incurring unbudgeted costs to the business.

Our clients often tell us they “want the best deal”, and to feel confident when going to cloud, with an accurate commercial forecast, and driving negotiation advantage by incorporating license design into the IT roadmap decision making process. Advisory can deliver an tightly integrated license design and technology investment roadmap, we can incorporate license design and strategic procurement into the DNA of a digital transformation strategy.

As always, we have compelling events to help drive our wider services.  MAS (Microsoft Advisory Services) are offering an integrated service for Windows Server Per Core. Great opportunity to integrate into a wider renewal programme of work for your upcoming Microsoft renewals.

We can also support clients with the announced UK GBP Price Increase with a forecast uplift of 13% for on-premise software, and 22% for cloud services for renewals after January 1st 2016.

Here is my brief update on some of the principle roadmap and licensing updates from Microsoft in September and October 2016:

  • Microsoft Increase UK Prices for commercial on-prem software 13% and 22% for cloud effective Jan 1st 2017
  • SoftwareONE FAQ
  • Microsoft offer Office365 API extensibility to PowerBI pre-built dashboards in development. New Office365 user adoption metering and Azure metering on horizon offered natively by Microsoft by PowerBI dashboards, powershell scripting and APIs. SoftwareONE need to integrate PyraCloud Pro with Cloud Insider with client adoption and zero touch services.
  • Application Guard for Windows Defender. Edge virtual sandbox for untrusted sites.
  • Azure Site Recovery gives 1 click migration of Apps and OS. Pay only for compute, storage while you test for 31 days
  • Here’s how you assign Azure Hybrid Use Benefit (HUB) in PowerShell to BYOL WinSvr Licenses w. SA to Azure and save
  • New ‘Commercial Cloud Gross Margin’ metric in Annual Earnings Report, at 49%, reflects strong focus on cost reduction from Microsoft.
  • Compare EM+S E3 and E5 Plans
  • New security and reporting in Yammer Extensibility via Management APIs and Office365 Security and Compliance Ctr
  • Dynamics 365 will be GA on November 1st. Microsoft have published a basic Licensing overview:
  • Hicurdismos is a fake Microsoft Security Essentials installer. Mimics BSoD to install malware
  • SCCM update 1610 Tech Preview. New features: limit updates to subset of devices, retract prior App permissions
  • Great introductory resources on Windows Server 2016
  • What impact will the change to per core licensing have on your Windows Server estate?
  • New Article: A Primer on Secure Productive Enterprise (And Why It’s Great for Microsoft)
  • Windows 7 and 8.1 pre-installed OEM End of Sales on Oct 31st. Expect a price increase on Windows10 Pro OEM downgrade SKUs from supplies like Dell
  • Great article from Neil Lomax on the Azure price changes on the SoftwareONE blog
  • Windows Defender ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) has Office365 ATP interoperability via Win Enterprise E5 offering
  • Microsoft confirmed general availability of Secure Productive Enterprise (SPE) platform suites on October 1st
  • Windows10 Enterprise E3 now with App Guard. Virtual Container Isolation for Edge.
  • Microsoft drop Azure pricing. Flatten prices across , EA, MPSA. Enables AWS comparison
  • Microsoft re-brand Delve as MyAnalytics and provide its own App in the AppLauncher
  • Microsoft launching Azure Av2 VMs on November 17th with SSD storage and 30% cheaper than A-series
  • Microsoft announce Azure Reserved Compute coming GA in H2. Using Volume Licensing to reserve compute at discounted rate vs. hourly
  • 1st October Azure Existing SCE Customers can do a one-time renewal for lower minimum commit, with roll over of existing terms.
  • 1st October Azure Monetary Commit for SCE moves to 10 MCUs ~1K Per Month$100 minimum commit still available for existing EA, or on MPSA
  • AzureAD Identity Protection, AD Premium P2 was GA September 15th The September Product Terms added Azure AD Premium Plan 2
  • Microsoft officially launched Azure and Office365 datacenters in UK in September (Durham and London)
  • New – Project Online, Professional and Premium were generally available from August 1st. Project Online Pro via EA/EAS have 15% off promo
  • Operations Management Suite (OMS) Security generally available, and Azure Log Analytics subscribers from September 1st.


This website is a way to give back to the licensing community and as an information resource for all customers that work with Microsoft software and licensing. I hope you find it of value.

Tony Mackelworth is Head of Microsoft Advisory Services at SoftwareONE

If you would like to reach out for a coffee or a meeting under NDA, Email or connect via Twitter or LinkedIn


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