Microsoft Licensing and Services Update August 2016

My brief update on some of the principle roadmap and licensing updates from Microsoft in August 2016.

  • The Microsoft September 2016 Product Terms add Windows 10 Enterprise E3 in CSP, Azure AD Premium P2:
  • New Project Online Essentials, Professional and Premium in the August 2016 Microsoft Online Services Terms (OST):
  • Windows Enterprise E3/E5, Azure AD Premium Plan 2 and new Project Online line-up in the Aug ´16 Microsoft Product Terms:
  • Windows10 Enterprise E3 now available with partner supported CSP programme
  • Operations Management Suite (OMS) Security generally available for OMS and Azure Log Analytics subscribers -SIEM
  • Public preview: N-Series instances for Azure Virtual Machines come with NVIDIA GPUs
  • Machine Learning workspaces and web service pricing plans available in Azure portal
  • Microsoft extend Office365 Trust Center to Service Assurance Dashboard
  • Reminder: Windows10 SA ‘Roaming Right’ extended use right to be retired to drive per user subscription. See the key dates here
  • Windows10 Enterprise will be the new home for MDOP‘s App-V and UE-V. Greater bolstering of native Enterprise Edition
  • Microsoft Windows10 Enterprise E3 could EXCLUDE LTSB. Offering CB and CBB service branches only. Expect September.
  • ExpressRoute FAQs
  • Citrix Partnership puts hatchet to Azure RemoteApp for delivery of Win Apps from Azure Cloud. Free XenApp Express
  • General Availability for Azure AD Authentication for access to Azure SQL DB and Data Warehouse services
  • PowerBI gets connector for Amazon Redshift data. (Only via Desktop App and not Web or Gateway)
  • Azure IaaS ‘Top Right’ Gartner Magic Quadrant behind AWS
  • Increase in minimum commit for Azure only SCE. This will increase from 1 to 10 MCUs from 1st Oct 2016. Expiring SCEs one-time renewal


This website is a way to give back to the licensing community and as an information resource for all customers that work with Microsoft software and licensing. I hope you find it of value.

Tony Mackelworth is Head of Microsoft Advisory Services at SoftwareONE

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