Microsoft Licensing and Services Update June 2016

My brief update on some of the principle roadmap and licensing updates from Microsoft in June 2016:

  • Microsoft MCP prep resources, also good If you are new to SoftwareONE and Microsoft Licensing. July 4th – July 7th
  • Azure Information Protection emerges w. Secure Island acquisition. Persistent IRM data classification at file level.
  • Best article on TechNet so far on Windows10 feature update deferment models and withdrawal to security updates
  • Fantastic article on Compute Capacity Limits by SQL Edition
  • Microsoft acquire LinkedIn w. 433 million corporate identities. Race for identity layer. What Reid Hoffman terms “Web 3.0 human network data”
  • SharePoint 2016 hybrid configuration roadmaps
  • Gartner Magic Quadrant for EMM – Enterprise Mobility Management – Microsoft EMS recognised as visionary
  • Great information resources on Azure security
  • Enterprise State Roaming is GA on Azure AD Premium. | Sync App + OS state data across devices without Microsoft Account
  • Citrix and Microsoft to offer Windows10 VDI on Azure with CBB XenDesktop Solution | DaaS Desktop-as-a-Service
  • Citrix to provide new EMM service on Azure that will integrate and wrap around EMS (Enterprise Mobility Suite)
  • Citrix to integrate NetScaler conditional access into Intune App SDK
  • Citrix XenMobile benefits from EMS Integration with Self Service Password Reset and Write-back and Azure MFA
  • Citrix Worx and Receiver Apps to get Intune SDK and Azure AD Support.
  • MSDN Subscriber migration starting June 15th to
  • SCCM update 1605 Win Defender ATP and EDP data policies, Tagging devices as ‘corporate owned’, by cluster patching
  • Office Online Server GA was available from May 1st 2016. Create, Edit, Save will require SA or Office365 ProPlus USL. View Only without SA.
  • Office365 E4 customer with contract renewal after July 1st? Office365 E4 will need a new Office365 plan. Time for a roadmap and licensing strategy review with Microsoft Advisory Services
  • SQL on Azure VMs FAQs
  • Skype for Business PSTN Calling FAQs
  • Essential resource on side-by-side installation scenarios for Project and Visio and Office 365 ProPlus C2V Versions The June Product Terms provides an MSI Install! (p59)
  • Office365 Planner is now GA for all Enterprise Plans E1-E5
  • Q1 Windows 10 ‘Anniversary Update’ for Windows 10 Enterprise SA CBB and Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB. The first new LTSB release since August 2015. Available August. Microsoft will create Windows 10 Enterprise “Premium” to include Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) integrating Endpoint Protection with ML enabled analytics and  breach response management.
  • Windows Defender ATP will complement Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) available in EMS, ECS.

Enterprise Agreement

  • Applicable Use Rights: Clarification of Use Rights language to show that the Use Rights at the time of purchase apply to the customer’s software.
  • Downgrade Use Rights: Clarification of Use Rights language to show that customers have the right to downgrade to prior versions, but the Use Right at time of software purchase would apply.

Enterprise Enrolment  

  • EA500 New contract terms do not support Enterprise/SCE Enrolments with fewer than 500 Qualified Users/Devices. However, there is another option to renew an Enterprise Enrolment or SCE by using the Enterprise Renewal Form. By using this form, a customer essentially extends the prior Enrolment Terms & Conditions. The customer keeps the existing Enrolment number and continues his contractual relationship. An Enrolment with fewer than 500 Qualified Users/Qualified Devices can be continued with this method, even after July 1st 2016. The Enterprise Renewal Form can be used only one time. You must submit a new Product Selection Form and new CPS for the extended term and negotiate new pricing for that order. Any Change of Channel Partner must be completed before using the Enterprise Renewal Form.
  • Effective Date: Clarification of language about contract effective date at renewal. The update shows more clearly that the effective date of the new contract period is the day after the prior contract ends. (There had been differences and confusion when a customer renewed using the Enterprise Renewal Form).
  • Order Requirements: The Enterprise Commitment has been updated from 250 to 500 Qualified Users/Qualified Devices.
  • Pricing: Certain consumption based Online Services will now be exempt from Price Protection. For now, these are Skype for Business consumption services only. These are known also internally at Microsoft as “floating prices”. Online Services that are sold on a per user basis such as EMS, CRM Online, O365 etc. will continue to have Price Protection. For now, there is no change to Azure. There will be new information in the Product Terms to show which products have the “Floating Prices”.
  • Introduction of Indefinite Extended Term: Online Services can be maintained for up to a year after the Enrolment (under which they were purchased) expires. Online Service will continue to run for a customer even after enrolment expiration. Similarly, for Azure, after the first 12 month term has expired, the service will be continue indefinitely at level A plus 3%
  • EMEA only From July 1st the new EE/MEA Enrolment will no longer have the affiliate location restriction.
  • SCE contract wording will support reservations for eligible products.


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