Microsoft Licensing and Services Update May 2016

May News Roundup

Windows 10 Anniversary Update

  • Q1 Windows 10 ‘Anniversary Update’ for Windows 10 Enterprise SA CBB and Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB. The first new LTSB release since August 2015.
  • Windows10 Anniversary update adds Windows Hello NGC (Next Generation Credentials)
  • EDP (Enterprise Data Protection) for local device file encryption from corporate sources w. privileged app admin to control access to corporate data managed via SCCM and Intune.
  • Updates to MDOP.
  • Microsoft will create Windows 10 Enterprise “Premium” to include Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) integrating Endpoint Protection with ML enabled analytics and  breach response management.
  • Windows Defender ATP will complement Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) available in EMS, ECS.
  • Microsoft will actively compete with Chrome OS, with new IOT strategy with Windows and Intune ‘wrap’ offers led by Business Desk.

SQL Server 2016

  • SQL Server 2016 is now generally available from June 1st.
  • SQL Server Enterprise Edition no price uplift in June,
  • Consolidation of BI and PDW into the Enterprise SKU. Enterprise Edition licenses required to run PDW on the APSA (Application Platform Systems Appliance).
  • BI edition licenses with SA will have transition to Enterprise Server SA at renewal.
  • SQL Enterprise Server SA SKU renewal has been extended. 20 core limit applies.
  • Software Assurance still required for passive failover server, and to support license mobility at point of failover. The December 2015 failover to cloud SA benefit applies.
  • Microsoft have a specific sales motion to respond to consolidations at renewal below 75% of original spend, positioning SCE
  • For SQL, ALL renewal EAs must include SQL recapture of 75% or more of the expiring SQL license count. If the deal has less than 75% of the expiring SQL license count, it will require Microsoft executive empowerment approval to support the decision. So be aware in positioning for any bill of materials where we have successfully reduced licensable footprint through licensing or technical optimisation!

Office365 Plan E5

  • Office365 Advanced Security Management service will be included into the existing Office365 E5 Suite on June 1st
  • All Office 365 commercial workloads are designed following the Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle and include built-in security capabilities such as encryption at-rest and in-transit, along with access to the Office 365 Management Activity API (which provides a programmatic way to pull events related to information protection and compliance in Office 365).
  • The Office365 plans are intended to meet a range of security and compliance needs. ‘Advanced’ security capabilities such as Advanced Security Management provide an additional level of security and control, and are available as Add-Ons to all enterprise plans in addition to being included in the Office365 E5 plan.
  • It is important to note that when Microsoft learns about threats from the new advanced security capabilities, those insights are used to improve security for all Office 365 customers – So could arguably be seen as not more secure, but providing better visibility of Office365 security.

Operations Management Suite (OMS) Add On

  • The OMS Add-On is an Azure Plan offered in the EA/EAS customers with System Center (Server) customers with active SA an OMS “Add On” to Standard or Datacenter Edition to pre-purchase Azure metered services for System Center or CIS.
  • The normal standalone Azure meters for OMS Incl.
  • Op Insights: Per GB, Automation: per minute, Backup: Per VM and Azure Site Recovery: 2 VMs.
  • The OMS suite Add-On will extend for Std/DC Annually – Opp Insights: 100GB/500GB, Automation: 10K min/ 50K min, Backup: 2VMs/10 VMs, Azure Site Recovery ASR: 2VMs/10 VMs
  • Promo until June 30th at circa 40% discount
  • The OMS Suite is available through EA/EAS/SCE
  • The standalone is available on PAYG or Azure monetary commit.
  • Usage above the annual entitlement is subject to overage charges. Azure Site Recovery could result in additional charges for Storage, Storage Transactions and Outbound Data.
  • The OMS Add-On is locked to the same enrollment as System Center or CIS. If Azure MC is purchased on a different enrollment, it can be used to pay for overage or other charges related  to OMS Add-On.

April News Roundup

  • Originally under NDA until May 2nd Microsoft confirmed SQL BIS would go end of sale. After SQL 2016 GA, Enterprise Server license grant  at renewal of BIS with active SA (1:1). EA customers can TUP with 25% cap.
  • Microsoft explicitly now confirmed SQL Enterprise Server SA renewals can continue. Applicable 20 core restrictions apply.
  • SQL PDW SKU discontinued on June 1st 2016. Features will be licensed per core under SQL Enterprise Edition. Representing a ~27% price increase for PDW.
  • Windows Server 2016 new licensing data metrics must be considered – Datacenter Edition supports unlimited OSEs, Hyper-V Containers and Windows Server Containers. Standard Edition provides rights TO 2 OSEs of Hyper-V contained and unlimited Hyper-V containers. Shielded VMs only available in Datacenter Edition. Nano Server available in both editions. Expected GA in October (TBC).
  • Reminder: July 1, 2016 Select Plus Retirement for Commercial customers – no new orders.
  • Windows10 “Anniversary Update” adds Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). Windows Hello.
  • Windows10 “Anniversary Update” will provide Bash Linux terminal
  • Windows10 “Anniversary Update”: EDP (Enterprise Data Protection) for local device file encryption from corporate sources w. privileged app controls
  • Office365 Cloud App Security was added to Product Terms and OST in April 2016. Generally Available.
  • SQL Server 2005 now out of support from April 12th 2016.
  • Exchange Server 2007 is out of support in less than a year.
  • SQL Server ‘Incremental Servicing Model’ will proactively place CUs to Windows Update Catalog
  • SQL 2016 Release Candidate 3 Available
  • April 1st SQL Developer only available via Dev Essentials (free). Enterprise Bits. No Downgrade Rights: look to MSDN
  • Azure Container Service own Generally Available
  • Skype for Business PSTN licensing FAQs
  • Customer Lockbox Office365 E5 expands. Exchange Online to SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business from Q2 2016
  • Office365 App Discovery and App Permissions available via E5 from April 2016
  • Cloud App Security Broker, incorporating the Adallom acquisition, rolls out April 2016 for Office365 Plan E5
  • Dynamics AX “For SA” and “Step-up” licenses available: April 1,2016.

Dynamics AX

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX transition from an on-premises to a cloud release. The cloud offerings of Microsoft Dynamics AX include three levels of user subscription licenses (Enterprise, Task, Self-Serve) and one device SL. Customers can also purchase additional storage and sandbox instances if needed.
  • A seat minimum of 50 Enterprise Users (or device equivalent) will be required for Microsoft Dynamics AX for both CSP and EA offerings. It takes 2.5 Device SLs to equal 1 Enterprise User SL.
  • The seat minimum will be a technical enforcement in Life Cycle Service (LCS) on Enterprise and Device counts.
  • Available worldwide in EA/EAS/EES from February; CSP in March.

Dynamics CRM 2016 ‘Spring Wave’

  • CRM Portal capabilities from Microsoft are delivered as an add-on product for customers that have upgraded to the latest version (Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2016 Update 1).
  • CRM Project Service is delivered as an add-on product for customers that have upgraded to the latest version (Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2016 Update 1).
  • Field Service is delivered as an add-on product for customers that have upgraded to the latest version (Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2016 Update 1).
  • Microsoft are expecting general availability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Portal and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Portal additional Pageviews in VL by May 10, 2016, important to advise customers interested in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Portal and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Portal Pageviews to NOT order prior to the service available date. Orders for these SKUs will be accepted starting on May 10th.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Field Service: User must have at least a CRM Online Basic license. Additional capabilities for CRM Online Field Service may require CRM Online Professional.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Project Service: available as a user subscription license via EA in lead status only. Requires CRM Online Basic license or above.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Portal:  Requires a pre-existing CRM Online subscription and may only be associated with one instance per Portal. Each portal includes 1,000,000 page views per month.
  • Full Mobile Offline capabilities: Included in CRM Online Professional or above.
  • Microsoft Dynamics Employee Self-Service (ESS): Self-Service solution via CRM Portal requires separate CRM Online Portal Add-On, and at least one CRM Online Professional to set up and manage service. ESS users are not licensed for CRM Online user interface; access is only allowed via Portal or other Application.*
  • *Please note that the use right to Publish knowledgebase articles moves down from CRM Online Enterprise to CRM Online Professional with the ‘Spring Wave’ Release. Self-Service solution management via Parature Portal needs Parature deployment, which requires at least one (1) CRMOL Enterprise or at least one (1) Parature Enterprise.


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